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How Can I Help Single Parents?

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How Can I Help Parents Use Discipline to Educate for Success?

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Dating Tips for Single Parents

This article discusses the importance of grieving the loss of a marital partner before re-entering the dating scene. It emphasizes the importance of developing self-sufficiency so that we don’t confuse falling in love with running from being alone.

Don’t Let The Fear of Screwing Up Your Kids Screw You Up As A Parent

This article discusses how to overcome the challenges of meeting the needs of our children when our needs as children were not adequately met. It’s a testament to the importance and power of personal forgiveness to give up on “doing over” what is already over and done.

Parental Authority and the Criminal Justice System

This article grew out of experiences interviewing adolescents, young adults and their parents prior to their children’s arraignments on a host of criminal offenses. My findings are instructive for all parents interested in raising respectful and law abiding citizens.

Single Parents and Security Blankets

This article explores the implications and consequences of single parents turning their children into security blankets if they don’t meet needs left unmet in the wake of separation/divorce.

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