About Me

Who am I as a Helping Professional?

Mitchell Milch

I am a licensed clinical social worker by graduate training, and I have completed a 6 year postgraduate certificate program in the theory and practice of psychotherapy. I have worked as a psychotherapist and couples counselor for 20 years. I have written all the articles on this website and formerly taught as an adjunct professor at colleges and universities in NJ. It is my inspired calling to help others reinvent themselves so they might make their visions for change, realities. I integrate psycho-dynamic, family systems, cognitive-behavioral and mindfulness concepts, i.e., meditation, into individually tailored treatment plans. I will support and work in harmony with patients sponsored by 12 step fellowship groups.

It’s human nature to cling to and over identify ourselves with familiar, and sometimes painful, habitual ways of looking at and coping with life. When we learn to be mindful and identify our valued selves as abilities to observe, reflect on, make sense of, and confidently act in our best interests, we shift towards embracing life as a gift to be enjoyed, and living as self-expressions worthy of celebration.

Psychotherapy is playful experimentation with new ideas, roles, and strategies within an environment of safe acceptance where learning from one’s mistakes is a harbinger of hope for greater happiness, serenity, and meaning. My job is to manage this priceless growth opportunity. I do so guided by the following values: Respect, consideration, compassion, concern, patience, acceptance, kindness, integrity, humility, and imagination.

Psychotherapy: Every Day People Solving Problems Of Every Day Living

Will you talk to anyone about your relationship except your partner because discussions are exasperating, painful and depressing cycles of attack and counterattack?

Do you find yourself feeling compelled to please your partner, failing no matter how hard you try, and getting no respect and consideration for trying? To make matters worse do you find yourself unwilling to stand up for yourself for fear of being rejected and/or abandoned?

Does your self esteem rise and fall like an unstable stock market as if everyone controls how you feel about yourself and how you treat yourself except you?

Do you expect perfection of yourself and others so as to feel unhappy with yourself and others, and leaving others hurt and unhappy with you?

Do you ever feel so empty, numb or cut off from yourself that the pain of feeling useless and worthless to yourself and others drives you to drink, drug, eat, gamble, spend, or have sex to escape your misery?

If so you are not alone and I can help. I will provide you a place of safety and security where together we will answer the question: What tools, strategies, and mindsets do you need to learn from myself for you to improve the quality of your life?

How Does Psychotherapy Work?

Scientific research into the marvels of our brain’s plasticity has enriched our understanding of how telling and reinterpreting the stories of our lives exercises, coordinates and integrates the regions of our brains to produce startling improvements to our health, and well being. I’m speaking about the marvels of learning to influence our genetic potential to creatively problem solve, successfully predict others actions, and strengthen our immune systems.

Two curious, open, playful, observant and reflective minds make for a dynamic therapeutic alliance. Such an alliance can better regulate your emotions, self-esteem, immune functions, sleep rhythms, hormones, heart rate and breathing.

The renovation of a building is a helpful metaphor to visualize psychotherapy as an interactive process. Just like a building that depends on scaffolding to maintain the structure's integrity while its weight bearing supports are being reinforced or replaced, I lend my experience, creativity, presence, and training to help you maintain the structural integrity or infrastructure of a self you have relied to navigate your way through life. Meanwhile, together we replace, rehabilitate, strengthen, and rebuild obsolete, self-defeating, misleading, and ineffective mindsets that have brought you into psychotherapy. Once the renovation is complete, you will have grown in your trust and appreciation of your creative capacities for engineering desired changes in your life so as to render the scaffolding (my services) no longer necessary.