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How Can I Help You Improve the Quality of Your Relationship?

Couples Counseling,Marriage Counseling,Divorce Transitions/Mediation,Resolution of co-parenting conflicts,Grieving and forgiving partner betrayals,Empowerment strategies to set limits on partner abuse and neglect,Treating codependency.

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Retirement Would Be A Cinch If I Didn’t Have To Stop Working

Life transitions often leave us painfully aware of requirements that we grow as executive managers of our lives. This is a composite story of many patients of mine whose hopeful expectations of retirement were at first, bitterly disappointed. It is a heartening tale of one man’s discovery of and use of resources to embrace new found freedoms as opportunities for joy, self-esteem, and self-confidence.

The Keys To Turning Domestic Conflicts Into Win-Win Propositions

After years of couples counseling I decided to write an article summarizing the behavioral keys to building and sustaining successful relationships that balance respect and consideration for the individuals and their partnerships.

"Honey, I'll be right in to talk as soon as I put my football gear on."

This article discusses the importance of creating an environment of safety if partners are to find freedom in their relationships to experience love, acceptance and satisfaction through open self expression.

How Can We Be So Hurt By Our Partners When They Behave Without Malice?

This article discusses when couples in crisis get there because of one partner’s idealized and outdated expectations of the other partner that cannot be fulfilled. When thankless sacrifices are made in pursuit of these longings, love can turn quickly to hate and old wounds are reopened.

Do You Become A Human Vending Machine When Your Buttons Are Pushed?

This article discusses strategies to help spouses sensitize the other to communications they find hurtful so that vicious cycles of attack and counterattack can be broken.

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