Recovering From Addictions

How Can I Help You Recover From Your Addictive Relationship?

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You Don’t Lose Weight on a Diet of Emotional Deprivation

This article discusses how disordered eating has become a norm in society. Disordered eating may become an adaptive yet, rigid and automatic growth stunting reaction to perceived threats. These threats are future projections of past attempts to depend on others to be protected and nurtured. I will offer a clinical example to illustrate my ideas, and how psychotherapy can restore new choice points in meeting these needs safely, so that disordered eating becomes a thing of the past.

Tangos of Debt Accumulation: What Are They All Worth?

This articles looks at addiction as a dance of collusion. It stresses how over spending can be symptomatic of difficulties regulating emotions, regulating self esteem, and vulnerabilities to feeling indebted to others we depend on.

Anatomy Of An Addictive Behavior: Not For Men Only

This article illustrates how the compulsion to repeat history can be played out when needs are sexualized and a self-defeating, addictive relationship is formed.

Don’t Tell Me to Stop Training!

This article discusses how aerobic exercise, by nature healthy in many ways, when over done can be damaging both physically and emotionally.

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